In 2007 a new project has been presented every 3 and a half minutes and the number of designers exponentially increases from one year to the next. It is more and more difficult to justify the search of new possibilities to be applied to the objects. We have by far surpassed the serial overcrowding of pop with an incredible and perhaps unrequested conceptual abundance: not only are the objects innumerable, but they are all bearers of various messages, of plenty logics and plenty points of view. The technology and the knowledge on average possessed by designers and architects leads almost necessarily to the creation of products of a certain merceological value, much more difficult is conferring symbolic value different from exclusivity.
The creation of value in the market comes more and more from the creation of symbolic value, based on experience, so much as to talk of an economy of knowledge in which the value attributed to an object depends more and more on the inner content in terms of know how and on the interpersonal meaning attributed to it.

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